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The TOT venture investment fund was established in Kiev in 2021 by Oleksii Abasov. The fund creates companies from various sectors of the economy and also invests in startups with strong business models. We look for startups with scalable business models built on strong fundamentals. The main directions are impact business, Alternative food, Agro tech, Ed tech, Medical/health, Real estate, Manufacturing, Venture startups, sports startups, digital transformation solution, Fintech, Military tech.

Investment areas

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    Venture studio

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    Medical / health

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    Real estate

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    Sports startups

    Sports startups are companies that provide innovative products, services, or solutions to the sports industry. These startups leverage technology and new business models to create more engaging, efficient, and profitable sports experiences for fans, athletes, and organizations.

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    Impact business investment

    Impact business, also known as social enterprise, is a type of activity that seeks to achieve positive social change while maintaining profitability. This means that social business places a primary emphasis on social benefit rather than maximizing profit for shareholders.

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    Agrotech, also known as Agritech or Agricultural Technology, refers to the application of technology and innovation in agriculture to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. This can involve the use of cutting-edge technology, data analytics, AI, and advanced machinery and equipment to improve various aspects of agricultural production processes.

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    Alternative Foods

    Alternative food refers to food products that are made from non-traditional ingredients or processes that are different from what we typically associate with food. This can include plant-based meat substitutes, insect-based protein sources, lab-grown meat, and other food products that are designed to be more sustainable or ethical than traditional animal-based products.

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    Edtech, short for education technology, refers to the use of technology to facilitate and enhance learning and education. Edtech encompasses a wide range of applications, such as online learning platforms, educational software, and digital content, tools, and resources designed to improve traditional teaching methodologies and support personalized learning.

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    Intelligence - digital transformation solution

    Digital transformation solutions refer to a set of technologies, processes, and strategies that enable organizations to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and stay competitive in the digital age. These solutions integrate digital technologies into every aspect of a company's operations, business models, and customer engagement processes to enhance efficiency, innovation, and bottom-line impact.

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    Fintech refers to the intersection of technology and financial services. It refers to the use of technology to provide innovative financial services and products that are more efficient, affordable, and accessible than traditional financial services.

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    Military tech

    Military technology, or militarytech, refers to the development and application of technology for military purposes. This includes technologies such as weapons and defense systems, communications and surveillance equipment, and military vehicles and aircraft.


Oleksii Abasov is an entrepreneur who graduated from the Kyiv Institute of International Relations with a specialization in International Business Administration. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and has over 15 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience. He has worked in the field of commercial real estate, specializing in commercial real estate development, concept development, architectural and design solutions, management, and commercial real estate development. He also has experience in creating startups and venture investing.

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